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Desired Position: Geospatial Analyst Job Code: GC-2-24059
Reply to Email:
Preferred Location: Metro DC and Baltimore
Posted on: 2015-03-19
Qualifications: Jacob Feit
2011 Lyttonsville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Contact Phone: 857-225-2320 (H)
Email: (H)


▪ All Source Fusion Analysis ▪ Military
Infrastructure ▪ Structural Engineering
▪ Geospatial Intelligence Analysis ▪ Urban
Transportation Systems ▪ Civil Engineering
▪ Geographic Information Systems
▪ Special Forces Intelligence Support
▪ Strategic Intelligence Analysis
▪ Architectural Drawing (CAD)
▪ Urban Development


National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA)
Springfield VA, 2009-2013, GEOINT Analyst,
Embedded Analyst at Office of Naval
Intelligence, KENNEDY Irregular Warfare Center
(KIWC) (National Maritime Intelligence Center)
Suitland, MD, 2013 -Present
• Responsible for collecting, analyzing,
producing and disseminating finished geospatial
products that support Naval Special Warfare
(NSW) operating worldwide. Supported multiple
analytical efforts across the various Combat
Commands (COCOMS). Developed strategic level
products to enable senior level decision makers
to form the basis of key geopolitical decisions.
• Developed Counterterrorism (CT) Tactics,
Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) across
multiple Areas of Responsibility (AORs) that
have a 100% success rate. Seasoned analyst
responsible for developing CT products to
support KENNEDY IWC N2 Intelligence Division.
Produced maritime intelligence products for the
following countries: North Korea, Afghanistan,
Somalia, China, Philippines, Nepal, Nigeria,
Russia, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Gulf
States and the Levant.
• Performs all source fusion analysis of
multiple military and Transnational Threat (TnT)
groups worldwide. Provides assessments and
products that support and enhance analytical
assessments when authoring products such as:
Baseline Assessments (BA), Maritime Intelligence
Reports (MIR), Joint Combined Exercise Training
(JCET) Pre-deployment Training, mission
planning, and Humanitarian Assistance and
Disaster Relief (HADR).
• Provides tactical, operational and
strategic GEOINT products that identifies TnT
Groups multiple High Value Individuals
(HVI)/High Payoff Targets (HPT) and their Area
of Influence (AoI), this actionable intelligence
is disseminated to US Special Operations Forces
(SOF), Naval Special Warfare (NSW) and other US
SOF for Direct Action (DA) missions.

Government Services Integrated Process Team,
Lanham, MD, 2008-2009, Facilities Planner,
Contracted by the Department of the Army (Army
Material Command), Department of the Navy (Naval
Facilities South East), Department of Homeland
Security (Coast Guard Station Woodbine NJ)
• Developed and designed plans for new
battalion/brigade Headquarters (HQ), Tactical
Equipment Maintenance Facility, and the Physical
Fitness Facility at the Army’s Ft. Bliss (El
Paso, TX), and Ft. Hood (Killeen, TX).
Participated in on-site design and planning
sessions with Department of the Army Action
Officers. Created, edited, and finalized CAD
plans that formed the basis of the design.
• Performed Basic Facility Requirements
(BFR) and Asset Evaluation (AE) for several
Naval Stations/Naval Air Stations and Naval
Facilities in Florida and Texas. Interviewed
senior staff at those installations to
incorporate feedback. Collected building and
equipment measurements to determine minimum
space requirements.
• Lead analyst charged with performing
market research to determine optimum location
for a new consolidated US Coast Guard facility
in Woodbine, NJ.
• Designated as a “CAD Champion” and
represented the Planning Division on the CAD
Panel. Acted as CAD Subject Matter Expert
(SME), developed CAD industry standards that
were used to tailor training evolutions that
supported the division’s technical proficiency,
professional development, and tradecraft. Acted
as point person to resolve complex company-wide
CAD problems, recommended the implementation of
Advanced Planning Group, Jacobs Engineering,
Arlington VA, 2006 – 2007, Facilities Planner
Contracted by the Minnesota Army National Guard,
Pennsylvania Army National Guard, and the
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
• Performed a comprehensive complex study
of the Geography, Topography, Hydrography,
Transportation Infrastructure/Circulation,
Public Utilities, and the legacy issues such as
environmental impacts (contaminated sites),
wetlands, existing structures, land usage. The
preceding analysis coupled with Geographic
Information Systems (GIS) was used to create
maps, prepare and author the Master Plan Report
for the Department of the Army’s training Site
in Minnesota as well as 10 Army National Guard
installations throughout Minnesota, and
• Created the Minnesota National Guard’s
first-ever web based master planning GIS tool,
this enabled tactical, operational and strategic
commanders to make timely and relevant
decisions, and an overall superior picture of
the battle space.
• Performed and executed site surveys of
prospective office locations for the IRS Post
Duty Program, this enabled the customer to
determine what lease site would fiscally
beneficial, and operationally effective.
Performed a review of the IRSs Standard
Operational Procedures (SOP) for relocating the
workforce during a contingency such as a natural
disaster, this included a geographic surveys/map
layouts used to select locations in unaffected
areas allowing the IRS to quickly reposition
the workforce with little to no interruption of
Center for International Earth Science
Information network (CIESIN), Palisades NY, 2006
– 2007, Research Planner, Contracted by the
United Nations (UN).
• Performed research analysis of multiple
Geopolitical Boundaries and populations grids
using ArcView 9, this effort supported the World
Project, part of the UNs Millennium Goals.
Planners Collaborative Inc., Contracted at Volpe
National Transportation Systems Center,
Cambridge MA, 2001 – 2004, CAD Specialist, Sub-
Contracted by the Department of the Air Force,
and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
• Created and edited existing drawings of
US Air Force equipment for upgrade and
modernization located at installations across
multiple COCOMS as part of the National Air and
Space Program. The project primarily used
AutoCAD 14, and 2000 Software.
• Created and edited drawings with
MicroStation Software for the new fiber optic
cable system at Newark International Airport for
the FAA.
• Created drawings, and acted as custodian
for the existing drawings for the Facilities
Management Division at the Volpe Center.
Case/LEA Engineers INC., Boston MA, 1999-2001,
CAD Operator,
• Performed on-site inspections to locate
structural damage to facilities (Roofs),
generated reports to include the site survey
field measurements and notes.
• Drafted, edited, and performed quality
assurance checks to roof plans, site plans,
architectural floor plans, elevations, developed
and authored detail sheets.
• Performed market research, and produced
marketing materials, business proposals, and
responses to Requests for Proposals (RFP).

• Columbia University, Graduate School of
Architecture, planning and Preservation; New
York, NY, Master of Science, Urban Planning,
2006. Thesis- Analysis of the master Plan
proposed for the South Boston Waterfront in the
Boston Redevelopment Authority’s South Boston
Waterfront Public Realm Plan.
• Harvard University, Harvard Extension
Program, Introduction to Java I and II,
Introduction to Geographic Information System
(GIS), Cambridge MA, 2002-2003.
• University of Michigan, College of
Architecture and Urban Planning, Ann Arbor MI,
Bachelor of Science, Architecture, 2000.
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
• Basic Analytic training (BAT)-March 2010
• Geospatial-Intelligence training Program
(GITP), August 2010
• Intermediate GIS, February 2014
• Geodatabase Design and Management, May
• Advanced GIS Using Model Builder, May
• Advanced GIS Using Scripting (Python),
July 2014
Earth Science Research Institute (ESRI)
• Building Geodatabases, September 2011
• Spatial Analysis for Geospatial
Intelligence, September 2011
Language Translation and Interpretation Training
-Office of the Director of National Intelligence
(ODNI)/Monterey Institute of International
• General Translation, June 2013
• General Consecutive Interpretation,
September 2013
• Maintain a 3/3 score on the DLPT5 Hebrew
language exam

Volunteer Work
Neighborhood Design Center, North Brentwood MD,
2008, Volunteer planner
• Volunteered to serve the local community
with urban planning needs, identified potential
site for day laborer center in Prince George’s
County, worked with local businesses, residents,
day laborers, and potential employers to locate
and identify a site for the center.
• Used GIS to identify potential lots
based on size requirements, ownership, and
access to transportation.
• Pat Roberts Intelligence Scholars
Program (PRISP), Summer 2011

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