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Career Announcement Writing Tips

It's amazing how often details are left out of job ads. The internet has created a very fast business environment and quite often details are left out of documents and only realized after the "Submit" button has been pushed! Before you place your Career Announcement here's a few things that you might wish to consider.

A Good Title is Crucial

Make sure your title is descriptive and accurately reflects the position. for example, rather than simply stating "Programmer" a better way to attract qualified candidates might be to assign a title of "Avenue, C++ Programmer". Remember, the title is the firts thing, and often the only thing read.

What Skills Are Needed

Try to describe in as much detail as possible, the skills that you need. Be sure to differentiate between required and desirable qualifications.

Location, Location, Location!

The internet has helped to foster a very mobile, global work force. Make sure you indicate where the job is located or if it's possible for people to commute or telecommute.

A Good Description

Be sure to list responsibilities in a detailed Job description. The objective here is so that job seekers can develop a mental picture of the position.

Experienced Need Only Apply!

Again, clarity aids the candidates in deciding whether to apply.

The Web Is Global!

Online ads get lots of international attention. Trade agremements such as NAFTA, and immigration classifications such as the H1 Visa make it very possible for international applicants to be interested in your position. State wether or not international candidates will be considered and wether or not help with Visa and relocation will be offered.

Make Sure They Can Find You

Make it clear how people can apply for the position. Supply an email address, fax number (with area code), postal address, contact person's name and title, and job code if applicable. It is recommended that you give candidates multiple choices for applying. If you've left something out of the ad candidates will need to get in touch with you. I've seen tons of job ads posted online with no contact information provided... what a waste of money!

Job Code For Tracking Leads

Assigning a unique number to a job posting enables you to track where applicants are coming from. You might be paying hundreds of dollars to post jobs on a site that is providing no leads! As an example, company x spent $300 dollars for an ad at only to attract 1 resume. The same company received more than 20 leads by posting a free ad at the old GeoCommunity Career Center!

Other hints
  • don't use all caps
  • copy and paste from a simple text editor and don't paste special codes or characters from a Word Processor
  • reduce the number of unwanted resumes by providing information that will be required, such as minimum education, required tests, required certification, background check, etc...
  • state the salary range
  • provide a start date
  • state preferences or equal opportunity statements
  • check your spelling
  • Before you send an ad to an email list or newsgroup, keep in mind that your ad will likely be picked up by a number of web sites and forwarded, re-forwarded, etc... without you maintaining any control over the postings accuracy or content.
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